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Hunting Tasks

1.You can have only one task running from the same tasker NPC. However, you can have multiple tasks running from different tasker NPCs.
2. You can complete the same task only one time.
3. If you cancel your task the progress will be deleted. To cancel a task say cancel to tasker npc.
4. Follow Quest Log to see the progress of your task.
5. Tasker NPCs location (click on the city link for minimap location):

6. The experience amount from the specific task is calculated by such formula:

average(Monsters Exp) * Monster Kills Count * Exp multiplier of the maximum required level * difficulty percentage
An example of rotworms task experience formula:
average(40+70) * 150 * 5 * 0.40 = 16.5K EXP

  • Level 6-49 tasks has 0.40% multiplier
  • Level 50-79 tasks has 0.35% multiplier
  • Level 80-129 tasks has 0.30% multiplier
  • Level 130+ tasks has 0.25% multiplier

Level 6-49 Tasks

Tasker NPC Monster Task Reward
Kill 100 trolls 4K EXP and 2K GP
Kill 150 goblins 7.5K EXP and 2.5K GP
Kill 150 rotworms 16.5K EXP and 3K GP
Kill 50 amazons 6K EXP and 2.5K GP
Kill 50 minotaurs 5K EXP and 2.5K GP
Kill 50 orcs 2.5K EXP and 2.5K GP
Kill 150 cyclopes 45K EXP and 8K GP
Kill 200 medium class elfs: elf, elf scout, elf, arcanist 38.8K EXP or 3.8K GP
Kill 25 rats: rat, cave rat 0.35K EXP or 2K GP
Kill 100 wolves 3.6K EXP or 7K GP
Kill 100 frost trolls 4.6K EXP or 5K GP
Kill 100 swamp trolls 5K EXP or 5.5K GP
Kill 100 wasps 4.8K EXP or 7K GP
Kill 100 larvas 8.8K EXP or 8K GP
Kill 100 crocodiles 8K EXP or 6K GP
Kill 100 dwarfs 9K EXP or 6K GP
Kill 100 low undeads: skeleton, ghoul 12K EXP or 7K GP
Kill 100 tarantulas 24K EXP or 10K GP
Kill 50 carniphilas 15K EXP or 8K GP
Kill 100 apes: sinbang, kongra, merlkin 23K EXP or 10K GP
Kill 100 snakes 2K EXP or 1.2K GP
Kill 65 gargoyles 19.5K EXP or 10K GP
Kill 100 slimes 40.5K EXP or 7K GP
Kill 100 valkyrie 17K EXP or 2.5K GP

Level 50-79 Tasks

Tasker NPC Monster Task Reward
Kill 300 medium class orcs: orc spearman, shaman, warrior, berserker, rider 31.5K EXP or 20K GP
Kill 300 high class minotaurs: minotaur archer, guard, mage 39.375K EXP or 21K GP
Kill 300 lizards: lizard templar, sentinel, snakecharmer 49.77K EXP or 21K GP
Kill 300 high class dwarfs: dwarf soldier, guard, geomancer 52.29K EXP or 21K GP
Kill 200 medium undeads: ghost, demon skeleton, vampire 46.41K EXP or 20K GP
Kill 125 ancient scarabs 94.5K EXP or 25K GP
Kill 100 bonebeasts 60.9K EXP or 30K GP
Kill 200 dragons 147K EXP or 25K GP

Level 80-129 Tasks

Tasker NPC Monster Task Reward
Kill 125 high class orcs: orc leader, orc warlord 35.625K EXP or 30K GP
Kill 150 heros 108K EXP or 35K GP
Kill 500 giant spiders 270K EXP or 60K GP
Kill 300 banshees 162K EXP or 45K GP
Kill 300 necromancers, priestess 90K EXP or 35K GP
Kill 500 lichs 270K EXP or 65K GP

Level 130+ Tasks

Tasker NPC Monster Task Reward
Kill 150 nightmares 161.25K EXP or 45K GP
Kill 650 hydras 682.5K EXP or 100K GP
Kill 800 serpent spawns 800K EXP or 120K GP
Kill 700 behemoths 875K EXP or 110K GP
Kill 600 dragon lords 630K EXP or 100K GP
Kill 300 warlocks 600K EXP or 60K GP
Kill 6666 demons ????


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