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  9.10.2021 - Oldera 2022
Oldera will launched with Open-PVP server:

We welcome you all to Oldera who have come to enjoy the best of what classic Tibia has to offer.

With medium rates, non-stackable runes only created by the players themselves, accurate 7.4 formulas, and tons more this is guaranteed to bring back all the good memories of the past!





  • Antibot-Measures: Only macro to make runes, cavebot is prohibited).
  • Store: Limited (Soft Boots, Point Scrolls, Blessing Scroll, Frag Scroll, Addons, Mounts, Decoration and Utilities).
  • PVP-Type: Open-PVP.
  • Pace Type: Stages rate.
  • Runes: Only from players.
  • World Location:  BRA, Sao Paulo.

Additional Settings in Oldera:

  • Start in Thais with level 8
  • No need to learn spells
  • No need for blank runes
  • Free access to Djinns/Rashid
  • Change gold on right-click
  • Free mount in level 20
  • Promotion 10k
  • Desert Quest is soloable
  • Free premium

Oldera Features:

  • Training Room in Temple Thais.
  • Djinns Free in Thais.
  • Non-Stackable Runes/Fluids.
  • Accurate 7.4 formulas.
  • Full 7.4 map + Port Hope + Liberty Bay (and extra areas including mysteries to explore).
  • Anti-lag systems to ensure smooth gameplay.
  • Runes x1.
  • Regeneration x2.
  • Task System.
  • Bank System.
  • Guilds Wars.
  • Guild Bank System.
  • Addon System.
  • Mount System.

For further information about Oldera features, have a look at the information page!



If you're new to the community, join the Oldera Discord server to chat with other players and staff!

Oldera will launch COMING SOON,  .

Character-creations are open now!

Oldera Staff



   by GM Oldera

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